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There’s a whole world of hash out there! While many people think of hash as something from overseas (which it does) there’s no shortage of premium hashish to smoke that’s made in Canada.

When we hear complaints on hash, often it’s from old school smokers who don’t think the imported stuff is potent like it was in the 80’s. Compared to BC hash, it isn’t (generally). The idea that the most potent hash has to be imported is wrong. If you want the strongest hash you can buy, then look to BC.

What is Hash?

Hash (short for hashish) is the original cannabis concentrate. Its origins date back to as early as 900 A.D. and is Arabic in origin. The word hashish roughly translates to ‘grass’. Known for its long, mellow high, and is a favourite of stoners all over the world.

What types of Hash are there?

There are different methods to create hash. Here's a brief explanation for each:

  • Dry-ice hash - It's the most common method and is made by mixing the plant matter with dry-ice in a screen bag and then shaking it. The trichomes freeze and fall through the screen bag into a collection bin below.
  • IWE/Bubble Hash - It's a method that is more labour intensive where the plant matter is mixed with ice-cold water, either by hand or in a mixing machine. Similarly to the dry ice method, the trichomes freeze and fall off. The mixture is then poured through a series of screens each getting finer and finer.

Hashish may be solid or resinous depending on both preparation and room temperature; pressed hashish is usually solid, whereas water-purified hashish—often called "bubble melt hash"—is often a paste-like substance with varying hardness and pliability; its color, most commonly light to dark brown, can vary from transparent to yellow, tan, black, or red. This all depends on the process and the cannabis material used to make the hash.

What makes BC Hash the best?

If you want crazy, come to BC! Not just the people, the hash is on another level too! It only makes sense; potent hash needs to be made with potent bud. The flower they use in the middle east, for example, is shit. They know how to make the most of it, but the base material isn’t potent. BC made hash, on the other hand, uses AAA and AAAA quality flower as base material. Just like everything else, if you use good ingredients, you will get a good product. Not only is the hash stronger, but it’s specific too. The BC-made hash is strain-specific, so you can get a Sativa or an Indica!

Why choose Cheebas?

We have our hash selection broken down into 6 categories: value, domestic, bubbleimport, premium domestic and sift. Regardless of what type of hash you’re after, we've got it. There’s a reason we’re called the King of Hash! Cheebas is the best place to buy hash online in Canada! 

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Gold Seal

From: $5.50/g

Mercedes Blueberry Flavored

From: $5.50/g

Romeo & Juliet

From: $15.00/g

Gold Seal Assorted Flavors

From: $5.50/g


From: $11.00/g

Red Light Windmill

From: $15.00/g

Sunrise Compass - Sativa Domin...

From: $8.50/g

New Product

Da Vinci

From: $10.00/g

Gold Digger BC Hash

From: $10.00/g

Purple Afghani

From: $10.00/g

Healing Tree Hash

From: $12.00/g

Royal Afghani Hash

From: $14.00/g

Duty Free Hash

From: $16.00/g


From: $15.00/g

Death Star by Hash Assassins

From: $14.00/g


From: $15.50/g

Black Gold

From: $17.00/g

Malani Style Elephant Hash

From: $13.00/g

Ketama Gold

From: $15.50/g

Super Quality 2020

From: $14.00/g

Kabul Hash

From: $15.00/g

Lebanese Style Rooster Hash

From: $12.00/g

Camel Stamp

From: $9.50/g

Mazar E Sharif Hash

From: $16.00/g

Red Lebanese Hash

From: $16.50/g

Pak Delight

From: $13.00/g


From: $15.50/g

Afghani Dara-I Suf

From: $15.00/g

Kings Crown

From: $19.00/g

Rosin Hash

From: $7.50/g


From: $17.00/g

Lindsay OG Bubble Hash

From: $17.00/g

1lb Gold Seal Hash


Two Palms Hash

From: $12.50/g

Half LB Gold Seal Hash


QP Gold Seal Hash


Gods Green Crack by Tegridy Fa...


Rockstar Sift Hash


28g Hash Ball / Chunk Deal Ass...