Ontario Online Dispensary

Ontario Online Dispensary

Looking for an Ontario Online Dispensary? Cheeba’s has a huge customer base in Ontario buying flower, edibles, hash, and other marijuana products. They rave the MOST about our extensive selection of hash, edibles, and flower. 

We carry the biggest variety of hash in the whole country. Other competitors may have 8 different hash strains, but we’ve got 60+ strains and another 24 flavoured types! We don’t stop here, we keep it coming depending on the demand from our customers. You’ll be seeing more edibles and hash products soon. Stay tuned!

If you’re a curious flower user, you’ll want to try out all the flower products we have to offer. We don’t focus on buying a few strains just because they sell well, we buy smaller lots from all over BC to ensure that you can find varieties you are looking for.

Why Shop at Cheebas

As much as we are business people, we are also major pot-lovers. When our customers ask us for advice about what strains or products to try, it’s based on our own experience, what we hear from other customers, and also directly from the grower. 

We want to be best buds with all of our customers, so we don’t cheap out and cut back on quality or quantity. In fact, we like to weigh heavy when packing orders so you get a little bit more. Once in a while, we may even add in some freebies just to show our appreciation to you for thinking of us. 

If your order happens to go ‘missing’ somewhere along the delivery chain, we’ll refill and reship it at no extra charge! Now you know why people call us one of the best Ontario Online Dispensaries?

We want you to have an easy and seamless experience here at Cheebas! That’s why we aim to deliver the best weed products at a great price, as fast as possible, and stress-free. We won’t be happy until you’re happy!


How to Order Marijuana Products from Cheeba’s Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary:

1) Create an account (provide real info, we keep it safe and secure. False info will not get you an account)

2) Provide valid, legal government-issued photo ID for age verification (we don’t sell to anyone under the legal age in their respective province or territory)