Raging Phoenix

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Product Description

Raging Phoenix

Domestically made here in BC, the has light floral notes with hints of earthy spice. The texture is perfect for adding a little to your joints. Supercharge your flower or a quick hit off the pipe this is great for a social setting, kinda snacky but very social.

The texture is similar to Mercedes if you have enjoyed that top seller.



Sloth 2024-01-12 08:05:01

Great smell,taste and high! One of my favourites out of the 10 or so strains I've tried. Love this place! Only thing that could make them better is having a points loyalty program. Thanks cheebas!

Deneze Lujanen 2023-10-08 10:43:10

Raging Phoneix is now my favorite,its such a awesome body stone, if you are in pain you wont be right after a good pipeful.. love this stuff,wanna try a few more brands but definatley will buy this good hash again..im very pleased and has such a pleasant taste to it.. good value also..