High Country Diesel Sift

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Product Description

High Country Diesel Sift

I'm not going to bury the lead here. The aroma is intense and gorgeous. This is a delicious mix of sweet gassy lemon and you guessed it diesel. We have not had this strain before and we love it.

The flower is an indica-leaning hybrid but the sift punches, feel like more than 70% Indica for sure. The high is happy and mellow. You can talk and be somewhat social but this leads to heavy limbs and heavy couch lock. Get snacks.



Cole 2023-02-22 10:21:34

Really awesome :D A really nice treat, thank you! To the moon I go!!

HighKing 2022-10-06 10:59:29

Nice body stone, strong.

Wrong hunches 2022-08-26 01:04:41

1st x with this strain anyform. This sift tastes yummy. The buzz reminded me of Aspen og. Lemon zest lost coast diesel on the east coast. Another great sift HCD if u like LSD strain