Weed Concentrates

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What are Weed Concentrates?

Weed concentrates are distillations that filter material out of cannabis, leaving behind a product with a higher level of cannabinoids such as THC. They come in many forms, each with its own uses. You might have seen different varieties of concentrates labeled as:

  • Weed extracts
  • Crumble
  • Shatter
  • Sugar
  • Sauce
  • Hash
  • Wax
  • Resin
  • Budder
  • Batter
  • Weed oil
  • Kief
  • Crystalline
  • Cannabis concentrates

Whatever the product, concentrates have one thing in common — potency. Ounce for ounce, concentrates are more potent than natural cannabis flower. You will usually feel the effects very soon after ingestion.

Weed extracts and other concentrates are made using different processes. This means concentrates can come as liquids, pastes, powders, or solids. With so many varieties, these extracts can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Users often enjoy ingesting some concentrates raw, sprinkling doses on top of joints, and dabbing with a vaporizer.

If you are new to enjoying extracts, remember that they are stronger than simple flower. They provide a fast, strong high, and it is easy to use too much in a short amount of time.

Benefits of Weed Concentrates

Perhaps the biggest allure of weed extracts is that they allow you to consume cannabis in new, enjoyable ways. If you like the effects of THC but don’t care to smoke from a bong or joint, a concentrate could offer everything you want without messy, smelly smoke.

If you like the sensation of smoking but don’t want to use raw flower, concentrate and vape pens are the perfect pair. They offer a simple, discrete way to feel the kick of cannabis.

Don’t like inhaling anything? Tinctures and capsules allow anyone to easily ingest cannabis. This is perfect for people who use weed concentrates for medicinal purposes like pain relief.

Additionally, these concentrates allow you to experiment with different THC levels to find the perfect amount for you. In the past, you had to smoke whatever weed you had and hoped it wasn’t weak and ineffective or overwhelmingly strong.

Now, you can add THC concentrates to a joint, blunt, or spliff to get the perfect dose. Since weed concentrates come in a wide variety of substances and strengths, you can even mix different strains to come up with a custom blend.

Lastly, concentrates are easy to store. You can easily travel with your tinctures and solids without any second thoughts. While they do have a distinct aroma, it is nowhere near as strong as that of flower and won’t be picked up when not in use.

Why Buy Weed Concentrates at Cheeba’s?

There are a ton of options on the market when you are trying to find the concentrate right for you. It can be confusing, so read our FAQs and help guide to learn more. Cheeba’s carries a wide variety of quality stock at different prices, so you are sure to find something you will love.

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