Online Dispensary Saskatchewan

About Us

From the land of living skies to producing the greatest CFL team and fans, Saskatchewan is home to many great things... But not local access to weed. Not a problem! We’ve got a depot of flower, edibles, and other marijuana products for you to shop. You may have been shopping around for the best price, but let’s be honest here, the best price doesn’t always mean the best product. We’re the perfect choice for those who are looking for value!

From a glimpse you can probably tell, we’ve got HUNDREDS of strains of flower and over 60 types of hash. Where else are you going to find this kind of selection? At Cheebas! Our competition focuses on selling best-sellers over and over again, but we aim for variety. This is what keeps you interested and coming back to us time and time again.  

Everyone knows Cheebas as the king of hash. Why do you ask? Well, its because we’ve got over 60 kinds of hash for you to try - some flavoured ones as well. Sift, bubble, import, domestic, we’ve got it all. If flower and hash aren’t really your preference, try vape pens. They’re discreet, effective, and smoke-less. Perfect for dosing during the day. For those with a sweet tooth, we’ve got plenty of choices for you too from top name brands like Mota to upcomers like Chocolit.

We don’t mean to brag but, we’ve got quite the selection for you to shop from. It’s all about variety here not about what just sells. How else will you get to try all the trendy products on the market! As new products come in we watch and listen for your feedback to help us bring in more awesome products for you to try.  Our team loves your feedback and product suggestions.

Why Shop at Cheebas

It can be really hard to shop sometimes when you don’t get to smell or feel the product. That’s why we’ve got a great customer service team here to help you out. We’ve tried and tested out each product multiple times to get a true sense of what a customer will experience when they receive the product. So please, reach out to us if you have any questions or are just looking for an awesome recommendation. 

Some dispensaries are penny pinchers and cheap out on the weigh-in. But we believe in giving just a tad more so that you really get what you pay for. Value is important to us and its important to you. When we’ve got some samples around, we’ll pop ‘em into your order so that you can give them a try. 

If our package does end up getting lost in the mail, don’t fret. We’ll get it covered for you. Refill it, repack it, and reship it. Some may ask us, why? Well, it’s pretty obvious guys. We want you to be happy and come back to shop with us. It’s not your fault that the package got lost, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it either. 

Shopping for weed products online should be easy, fast, and simple. That’s why at Cheebas we aim to do just that! Gone are the days where finding top quality products from a trusted seller are out of Mr.Green’s car.

How to Order Marijuana Products from Cheeba’s Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary:

1) Create an account (please provide real info as false info will make verification harder)

2) Provide valid, legal ID for verification (we don’t sell to anyone under 19)

3) Place your order (orders are shipped within 24-hrs of placement in most cases)

4) Provide payment via e-transfer (credit cards not accepted)

5) Check your email for tracking info- sent at 5pm PST(check spam folder)

6) Receive your order (and prepare to fly high)