Lebanese Style Rooster Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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    $336.00 ($12.00/Gram)

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Product Description

This is a new batch we just came across...a great value for the price! The ash and smoke burn nice and white, it hits smooth and gives a mellow body stone. It's easy to keep going after smoking the rooster...it's an indica but not a knock-out.

medium soft and easy to work with- it's not super oily but you can tell it was made by professionals. See the pics, the layers of the hash are even and well mixed together...it's good for a smooth smoke all the way through!



Eric 2022-04-04 12:09:43

Smooth, Love it. Will reorder for sure!!

Mack 2022-02-22 01:25:26

Great hash for the price. I appreciate this being sold as domestic in an import style and not being told it's something import when it's not. Potency, taste and price all good.

Uncle Bingo 2023-10-17 02:02:18

Smooth on taste and buzz. Day time stuff.

snookerboy 2022-05-27 01:11:59

Agree with Mack. This domestic hash is wonderful, fresh aroma, and I had to reorder when price dropped. To get this in $11 or $12 range is pretty good. Cheebas generous grams make this even more attractive.