Wheres My Bike Hash by Hash Assassins

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Product Description

Where's My Bike Strain by Hash Assassins

New Drops from Hash Assassins

Where's My Bike is a Strong Sativa leaning hybrid dominant strain made by Amnesia with Biker Kush. Both these strains pack a punch and the stickiness of them lends to a hash that is pliable and easy to work with. The flower boasts high thc before it is handled by artisans into the treat before you. This is deeply mentally and physically calming with a beautiful creamy sweetness to the taste and fresh lemon earthiness to the aroma. Made in beautiful BC with premium base material with traditional methods and no corners cut.

The high starts with a lifted cerebral effect that quickly works its way into your brain, leaving you totally euphoric and hazy, soaring into a heavy cerebral stone that lasts for hours on end. As your mind soars into a heavy stoney state, your body will start to slip into a relaxing body high that leaves you feeling slightly couch-locked. Enjoy a surprisingly spicy peppery exhale. The aroma is very earthy and herbal with a rich spicy berry overtone.

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