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Cannabis Chocolate

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If you love chocolates and you LOVE marijuana, you’re going to absolutely get hooked on weed chocolates. These creamy decadent goodies are perfect for dosing discreetly (and deliciously!). SUMMER WARNING! Weed chocolates may melt during transit, especially since Canada Post has significant delays due to COVID. If they melt, place in the fridge and cut up once cooled. They may not look the same but still taste amazing and work perfectly.

What kind of infused chocolates are there?

We carry 2 kinds of chocolates:

  • Regular THC Chocolates - These are great for beginner edible users who are looking for lower potency. Since edibles can affect individuals very differently, starting with regular chocolates prevents the dreaded 'green-out'.
  • Shatter Bars - These are all the rage right now and trending across the community. However, we only recommend these for those who are experienced edibles users since the potency of these edibles is extremely high. Same delicious flavour but just SUPER strong.

Here at Cheeba’s we’ve carefully tested and curated a special selection of brands of infused chocolate just for you. Our experts here are severe weed connoisseurs so rest assured on potency and flavour. Our selection easily satisfy the biggest sweet tooth muncher! Pick one or two to try and let us know what's your flavour. Shop online now for your favourites!

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