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Bud & Cannabis Flower

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In Canada, smoking cannabis by flower is one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. The flower refers to the trichome-covered formation at the end of female cannabis plants that people have ingested for millennia, thanks to its wide-ranging health benefits.

Benefits of Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flower makes severe medical conditions, like arthritis and multiple sclerosis, more manageable. According to Dr. Timothy Leroux from the University of Toronto, one in five Canadians uses cannabis to treat pain, including patients and recreational users. The cannabis flower changes how your body perceives pain. It alters the neurotransmitters’ sensitivity to different stimuli, such as hunger, fatigue, and aches. Ingesting cannabis allows you to soothe aches and pains in the same way you’d use a dimmer switch to lower the lights at home.

Benefits of Consuming Cannabis Flower Include:

  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes regulation
  • Seizure regulation
  • Bone repair
  • Anxiety and depression management

Many doctors also recommend cannabis flower for victims of PTSD or other traumatic events. These individuals often suffer from panic attacks, nightmares, and overwhelming emotions. Cannabis makes traumas more manageable by reducing activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain where people register threats and fears.

Types of Cannabis Flower

You may find an endless number of cannabis strains, but there are only three overarching types. If you buy bud online, you’re getting indica, sativa, or a hybrid. Each has distinct benefits that can endow you with everything from a creative high to couch-sink.
Sativa: Sativa has long, thin leaves that take a long time to mature. The flowers have more THC than CBD, with THC being the psychoactive compound in marijuana. It’s a leading option for anyone in search of a mental high or increased energy. Some of our most popular sativa strains include Super Silver Haze, Wedding Crasher, and Moby Dick. The cannabis flower helps you feel productive and creative without unwanted drowsiness or fatigue. To reap the full benefits, make sure to use sativa during the daytime.
Indica: Indica offers a more sedated experience than does sativa. The indica cannabis flower has short and stocky leaves that produce substantial buds. These strains tend to have higher doses of CBD and lower doses of THC. Indica’s relaxing effects make it ideal for anyone with anxiety, depression, or a severe illness. The cannabis flower can help people increase their appetite while getting rid of nausea and inflammation. Take indica in the evening so that you can parlay the benefits into a good night’s sleep.
Hybrid: Hybrids represent a middle ground between indica and sativa. Farmers and growers crossbreed strains so that users can get a mixture of benefits. Hybrids, such as Blueberry OG and Himalayan Frost, allow people to get the best of both worlds, with some varieties being indica-dominant and others being sativa-dominant.

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