Value Hash

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When it comes to value for money, nothing beats the value hash category from Cheeba’s. We offer a wide range of economical hash options in various flavours.

What Is Value Hash?

What is hashish? If you are new to the cannabis scene, you may not understand the difference between hash and weed or why hash is generally a more potent product.
Hashish, or hash, is a concentrate derived from trichomes, the resin glands of cannabis plants. Trichomes are the plants’ small mushroom-like hairs, and they produce cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (DBC). The gland heads of trichomes are also rich in flavonoids and terpenes.
Different types of trichomes grow all over the cannabis plant. However, the capitate-stalked trichomes growing on the calyxes of buds produce the highest concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. Capitate-stalked trichomes are also larger than other trichome types, and you can see them with the naked eye.

Hash Production

If you are a regular smoker, costs can ramp up quickly and force you to settle for subpar products from untrustworthy suppliers. However, Cheeba’s offers a large selection of hash at affordable prices, making our products the economical option.

Does this mean that our value hash selection is inferior to higher-priced alternatives? Not at all, and that brings us to the other benefits of our value hash:

  • Our hash comes from the trichomes of AAA- and AAAA-grade flowers, which are top-shelf quality.
  • Trichome head glands from these flowers are packed with THC and terpenoids in the head glands, giving you a good stone, buzz, or high, depending on the strain.

Other cannabinoids in the trichomes include CBD, which alleviates depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. CBD can also reduce aches and pains, such as sore muscles.
The products in our value hash category have a flavonoid and terpenes profile that is smooth and aromatic. You can also choose from a wide selection of flavours that include chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, mango, orange, and cherry cola.
The production of our value hash includes proven extraction methods to ensure a pure product with minimal contaminants and leaf material. The result is a potent, high-quality hash that crumbles and burns incredibly well, producing a smooth, gentle smoke.

Why Buy Value Hash at Cheeba’s?

With more than 60 strains, Cheeba’s is one of the fastest-growing BC mail-order marijuana dispensaries. We test all our products carefully to ensure that they meet our quality standards, and if we don’t like them personally, we don’t sell them. If you want value for money, buy value hash at Cheeba’s today.

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From: $6.00/g

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From: $6.00/g

Gold Seal Assorted Flavors

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From: $7.50/g

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Coffee Crisp

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Tart Pear Hash

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From: $9.00/g

Cool Pineapple

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