Rainbow Skittlez

Sift Hash

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Product Description

Rainbow Skittlez Sift

The Rainbow Zkittlez high will hit you between the eyes almost as soon as you exhale, stimulating your brain and infusing you with a sense of focus and euphoria. A tingly body high accompanies this heady lift, and deeply relaxing. Enjoy aromas of sour citrusy grapefruit, fresh flowery lavender, and spicy herbs, intensifying in sweetness the more you toke. The flavor is similar, with a sweet fruity grape overtone accented by sour oranges, fresh grapefruit, and spicy earthiness.

What is Sift?

Hash was created using a procedure that separates the marijuana trichomes and the rest of the plant components using metal meshes known as a dry sieve or dry sift hash, also known as kief.

The solvent-free approach produces a concentrate made entirely of trichomes and containing the entire chemical spectrum of a particular cannabis plant.