Online Dispensary Alberta

About Us

Sometimes getting weed in the interior can be hard. That’s why customers go online! Shop a bunch of different products right from the comfort of your own home at the best online dispensary in Alberta. Our competition doesn’t stand a chance against our grand selection of cannabis products. We’ve got TONS of strains here at Cheebas and shelves stocked full of the trendiest edibles from jellies to shatter bars (psst… these are ultra hot right now). We’ve been around for ages and its because our customers just love coming back time and time again.

If you happen to be a hash lover, we’re one of the only dispensaries that can proudly say they offer 60+ different kinds with flavoured ones too. Whether you crave a domestic hash or an imported hash, we’ve got quite a selection from you to choose from. Looking for something more discreet? Try a vape pen or edibles. These are smoke-free and can be dosed throughout the day with zero smell whatsoever. The best part about edibles is that you can go decadent with chocolates or fruity sweet with candies and gummies. 

We aim for variety here at Cheebas. It’s not about just selling products to you because they make us the dough, but instead it's about keeping you happy, interested, and coming back to us to check out the new stuff. Our team loves your feedback and product suggestions. It’s what helps us do better at our jobs to serve you.

Why Shop at Cheebas

The bonuses of shopping here never end! If you’re looking for some awesome advice, feel free to reach out with your questions. Our team is fully certified in all kinds of cannabis products. Whether its your first time shopping online for weed or your hundredth time, we’re certain that we’ll find something for you that matches. 

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Value is one of the most important things to you and we make sure we don’t fall short. When we pack your orders we always make sure to add a tad more flower so that you really get what you came here for, and for what it's worth! From time to time, we even add in a couple of freebies so that you can give them a try and tell us what you think of them. 

If our package does end up getting lost in the mail, don’t fret. We’ll get it covered for you. Refill it, repack it, and reship it. Some may ask us, why? Well, it’s pretty obvious guys. We want you to be happy and come back to shop with us. It’s not your fault that the package got lost, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it either. 

Shopping for weed products online should be easy, fast, and simple. That’s why at Cheebas we aim to do just that! Gone are the days where finding top quality products from a trusted seller are out of Mr.Green’s car.

How to Order Marijuana Products from Cheeba’s Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary:

1) Create an account (please provide real info as false info will make verification harder)

2) Provide valid, legal ID for verification (we don’t sell to anyone under 19)

3) Place your order (orders are shipped within 24-hrs of placement in most cases)

4) Provide payment via e-transfer (credit cards not accepted)

5) Check your email for tracking info- sent at 5pm PST(check spam folder)

6) Receive your order (and prepare to fly high)