Sift Hash

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What Is Sift Hash?

Sift hash, also known as kief, keef, dry sift, and cannabis crystals, is a resinous trichome concentrate. Trichomes are the small hair-like outgrowths on cannabis plants. Kief refers to the bulbous structure at the end of the glands.
Kief serves numerous evolutionary purposes for cannabis plants. Its resinous complexion helps carnivorous plants trap insects for food while emitting a distinct odour that attracts pollinators. The formation also contains psychoactive properties.
Sift hash’s psychoactive punch comes from its high potency. Sift hash requires collecting pure kief before sifting it, which preserves the terpene and cannabinoid profiles. The unprocessed cannabis delivers one of the most potent hits and is stronger than most extracts.

Benefits of Sift Hash

While sift hash requires a lot of time and physical labour, it's relatively cheap. Even newcomers to the world of cannabis can start sifting hash at home. The low startup costs make it an affordable and accessible entryway into the industry.
Perhaps the most significant benefit of sift hash is its versatility. The only limits for this powerful cannabis product are in the imagination. You can smoke, eat, and drink it. That includes using sift hash in joints, bongs, and edibles. The versatility makes sift hash the perfect tool for experimentation. You can try ingesting it multiple ways as you test different strains. While your specific experience will differ between variants, you can guarantee that each journey will be an adventure.

Best of all, sift hash has therapeutic benefits. According to the Medical Cannabis Network, it can:

  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Regulate diabetes
  • Treat depression
  • Alleviate anxiety

Since sift hash contains high concentrations of essential compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, it’s one of the most medicinally efficient cannabis products.

The Sifting Process

Sift hash has a sand-like texture and appearance. Manufacturers do not consider it an extract because they do not remove the raw material from the trichomes with a solvent. Instead, they mechanically remove the organic material with a sieve—thus the name.
Commercial manufacturers use industrial screens that gently shake the hash. The process separates the plant from the kief. Because trichome glands are only 20 to 120 microns in diameter, the screen has minuscule holes to let the hash fall through while discarding the bulkier plant material.
Sift hash’s purity depends on the screen size, the sifting technique, and moisture content. The final complexion varies based on the trichome’s size. You can refine your sift hash further by gently pushing it through a smaller screen or pressing it into rosin.
Sift hash benefits from a solvent-free process. Manufacturers do not need chemical agents to separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant. The technique allows people to keep the trichome gland intact while preserving the concentrate’s potency.

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