AAAA Animal Mintz - Hybrid


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Product Description

Animal Mintz - 60% Indica \ 40% Sativa

This balanced hybrid is said to be a patient favorite for its mouthwatering flavor and super sociable high that's often preferred for those with social anxiety. The taste of Animal Runtz will linger long after you finish toking, with flavors of sweet fruity berries, nutty cherries, and sugary citrus dancing across your tongue.

The aroma is just as bright and vibrant, with a sour, citrusy overtone accented by fresh berries and nutty cookies. The Animal Runtz high isn't quite as exciting as the taste, with effects that serve to soothe and calm rather than brighten and energize. You'll feel happy and kicked back from start to finish, filled with a deep sense of ease that has you ready to relax. A boost in sociability accompanies this tranquil feeling, allowing you to easily jump in and out of any conversation, its a blast to smoke.

The grower puts on a master class with this and the others we are proud to have on our shelves for you: Cabernet, Greasy Runtz, and Animal Mintz.