Grape Ape


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Product Description

Grape Ape at Cheebas

Grape Ape is a very popular Indica leaning strain with a relatively strong THC content around 20% which is great for pain. The smoke is a deeply relaxing full-body experience that can lead to couchlock and will provide a deep sleep.

This is definitely a nighttime strain and can lead to a near-comatose effect.

Great for ending the long day with a pain-free sleep.






Bill 2020-06-07 05:59:56

The taste is spot on. It’s rich in a kinda sour grape flavour that is just yummy, yummy. It did not hit as hard as I hoped it would. My last experience was with a grape ape shatter and it hit me HARD. This was a more gentle, slow, creaper, high. It will certainly relax you and put you in a much better mood after a long day or take your mind off mild aches and pains. A solid, well rounded super tasty strain definitely worth a try as long as your not looking for something with TKO strength.