Greasy E


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Product Description

Greasy E

The Greasy E is a beautiful Indica strain.

The high will hit you a few minutes after your final exhale, sneaking into your brain with a creeping effect before suddenly taking hold. You’ll find your mind suddenly dropped into a calming yet euphoric plane that has you feeling amazing and not able to focus on much of anything. This heady state will soon turn sedative, leaving you falling in and out of a dozy state that can have you falling asleep before you know it. Greazy E is recommended as a nighttime strain as the effects are highly intoxicating.

Indica – Is often sought out for its ability to relax one’s mind. It may often reduce insomnia, and nausea, and could possible increase your appetite. Recommended for nights where you have absolutely no plans to move from your couch.

Not meant for novice users.