Natuur 750mg CBD for DOGS Bacon or Salmon


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Product Description

The Natuur for Pets Series combines nutritious ingredients and the healing benefits of CBD for your furry friends all in a tasty easy to use tincture. The Natuur for Pets products are THC free, so you can safely provide for your pet knowing there are no psychoactive effects.

Our Bacon and Salmon Flavoured pet Tinctures are made with all-natural, simple ingredients: high-quality CBD Isolate, premium 100% MCT Oil, and all-natural flavours. There are no artificial colours, sweeteners, alcohols, or alternative oils.

MCT Oil (otherwise known as fractionated coconut oil) may provide alternative benefits for your pet including improved digestion, cognitive function, and reduced inflammation. The MCT based flavours contain no animal by-products and have a 2-year shelf life.



Stephen D 2021-08-29 04:39:53

Got this for my 10 year old lab, she loves it. I can see it making a difference in her pain and she likes the taste. She would happily consume the entire bottle in one sitting if I would let her. She seems to be able to go on longer walks without her hips bothering her with this after just over a week.