Natuur is a proudly Canadian company formed by a hard working team motivated by the same dream. On a mission to provide the highest quality CBD products to ensure better health and wellbeing for all humans and future generations. Natuur is challenging the impossible to drive a new era of a healthy lifestyle, with plant based medicine.


Natuur produces a certified organic line of premium CBD products that focuses on healthy lifestyle support through plant-based medicine. Their Full Spectrum Oil concentrates used all the best components of the hemp plants, allowing you to reap all the natural benefits. Whether you use it to support your immunity or sleep, Natuur has you covered with their wide selection to meet your specific needs. 


With unflavoured oils, flavoured, capsules designed for unique needs, and topicals, the health benefits of Natuur’s CBD products are endless.


Be your best naturally with Natuur’s CBD oil and capsules!


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Natuur 1500mg Full Spectrum CB...

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Natuur 1500mg Isolate CBD Oil

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Natuur CBD & THC Pain Stick

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Natuur 500mg CBD ISOLATE Tinct...

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Natuur 125mg CBD for CATS

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