3g Diamond THC Vape Pen

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Product Description

3g THC Vape Pens by Diamond

These pens keep getting bigger and better and who else would lead the way other than Diamond Concentrates? These offer big savings for those who like their pens on the daily.

Offered in 5 unique strains, these compact rechargeable pens will be a huge hit.



Chris 2023-07-26 10:19:17

Batch malfunction?if not would have been good product, worth it as a bigger cart size option. Cons : not sealed, 2 came with sign of usage, bought 3 and none weigh the same, one 1.5g and one 1g off. Pros : Product is good, smokes easy and nice smokeblowout. Potent. Would have given a 5 if not for air bubble in carts vs none ratio