Diamond Concentrates

Diamond Concentrates produces an exceptional line of cannabis products. Using high quality materials to produce clean, reliable products that are lab tested and examined for ideal aroma, appearance, and effect.

The Method: 

-Diamond Concentrates derives on knowledge and techniques from Californian extraction artists.

-All extracts are lab tested for THC & CBD levels

-Each product is inspected for aroma, flavour, appearance, and effect

-Achieved by using high quality sourced materials

-Utilizing premium purging methods to remove any impurities 

-The process results in a pure concentrate with high terpene profiles

Diamond Concentrates is Canada’s premier seed-to-sale extract company. Each product is grown and processed in house allowing for complete control of each and every step in the process. Diamond Concentrates offers an exceptional selection of medical cannabis extracts.

Why do we recommend Diamond Shatter Concentrates?

-Award Winning Cannabis Cup 2017

-Wide selection of strains

-Pristine clarity shatter

-Beautifully aromatic strains 

Diamond Concentrates offers a very wide selection of strains so you don’t have to look elsewhere to find the medical effects that you need to get relief you need to be happy and healthy. We are excited to carry this top of the line brand and share them with our concentrate’s lovers. Shop Diamond Concentrates online at Cheebas!