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Product Description

Introducing our newest CBD Collection Product: CBD Chaga Cacao Tincture!

The combined benefits of these ingredients pack a powerful punch.
CBD •Relieves anxiety •Anti-inflammatory •Neuroprotective •Anti-seizure •Soothes insomnia •Fights cancer
CHAGA •Anti-fungal •Anti-inflammatory •Superfood •Slows aging •Immune Booster •Fights cancer
CACAO •Highest plant-based source of iron •Anti-depressant •Lowers blood pressure •Powerful anti-oxidant

We also add Therapeutic Food-Grade Cassia for flavour which has it’s own amazing benefits:
CASSIA •Improves Circulation •Relieves Arthritis •Relieves Menstrual Symptoms •Antidepressant •Immune Booster

All ingredients suspended in MCT Coconut Oil.

Available in:
32ml Glass Bottle with dropper.

Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, Full Plant Spectrum CO2-extracted Cannabidiol (Hemp CBD Oil), Chaga Mushroom, Raw Cacao, Cassia Therapeutic Food-grade Essential Oil
*organic *gluten-free -non-GMO

Contained in each bottle:
350mg CBD/32ml (10.9mg/ml)
370mg Chaga
123mg Cacao
Cassia Therapeutic Food-grade Essential Oil

*WARNING: Raw Cacao may be poisonous to pets. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF PETS.



ted 2020-07-07 01:17:51

bought it for my wife. i don't notice any difference. it's how i found this site so 5 stars