Cannalife Botanicals is a handcrafted line of botanicals based out of BC. Locally sourced, using organic ingredients, Cannalife takes pride in providing premium cannabis-infused medicinals and topicals for overall well-being. 

Grounded in love and respect of alchemy, Cannalife Botanicals uses unique plant synergies to promote healing. Their ultimate goal is to connect people to nature’s medicine and honour this ancient herbal remedy.

What Products Does Cannalife Offer?


-Salves and oils

-Bath soaks

-Lip balms

-Medicinals and CBD tinctures 

-Soothing analgesic Essential oils

-All-natural CBD oil for your furry pets 

Why Buy Cannalife Botanicals at Cheeba’s?

Cannalife’s products promote the body's natural healing powers and we are proud to carry this brand to share this magic with you. Purchase all natural wellness products today at Cheeba’s.