Reusable Vape Pens

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What Are Reusable Vapes?

Reusable vape pens are vaping devices that let you inhale cannabis oil in a single breath. The simple electronic tool marks a monumental leap forward from the nicotine vapes of a few years ago. Each battery-powered pen has a heating element, known as an atomizer, that vaporizes the oil instantaneously.
Reusable vape pens contrast with disposable ones. As the name suggests, you can use it as many times as you want. All you need to do is replace the refillable cartridge with a new container of CBD or THC e-juice.

Types of Reusable Vapes

Janty was the first company to make reusable vape pens. After Janty released vapes to the e-cigarette market in 2010, its competitor, Joyetech, brought them into the mainstream. Today, researchers estimate that 15% of Canadians have tried vaping, with the highest usage rate among people under 25.
You can select from either draw-activated or push-button-activated options. The draw-activated ones turn on when you puff them. They don't have buttons or an off/off switch, making them a foolproof device for first-time vapers.
The push-button options require a smidgen more effort. Most models have you push the power button five consecutive times, while others activate when you toggle the voltage output. Some reusable vape pens have a pre-heat mode where you wait a few seconds before inhaling the e-juice.

Benefits of Reusable Vapes

While disposable vape pens come with the convenience of a built-in battery, reusable models save you money over the long-term. You can purchase a separate battery rather than spending your money purchasing new cartridges. Many pens come with a charger, so you can recharge the battery when it runs low. According to, a reusable vape pen can save you more than $1,000 per year.
You also get greater control over temperature when you use reusable vape pens. Proper vaping requires walking a fine line to vaporize concentrates and flowers at the right temperature. Using the same pen allows you to make incremental adjustments and tailor your vaping experience.
Reusable vapes come with greater variety and functionality. You can switch between concentrates and cannabis flowers or stick to one strain. The customizability ensures that you tailor your pen to your needs and preferences.
Reusable vape pens allow you to accent your sense of style. You can choose a discreet device for low-key use or one that matches your attire and accessories. Perhaps you want one in your favourite colour or design so that you can make a fashion statement.
The simple design goes hand in hand with reducing your carbon footprint. High-quality reusable models have energy-efficient mechanisms, clean-burning technology, and anti-leak seals to minimize your impact on the environment. You can have peace of mind knowing that reusing and recharging your pen means less waste and lower costs.

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