Cannabis Rosin

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What Is Cannabis Rosin?

Rosin is a concentrated substance containing CBD and THC that is consumed by dabbing. In terms of looks, it often resembles shatter, with a sappy texture and translucent appearance.

Rosin is created by heating raw plant material and squeezing out the sap.

Don’t mistake rosin for resin. Though they look similar, resin is created using chemical solvents. Rosin is a solventless weed concentrate.

Rosin is becoming more popular because it allows home growers to take the parts of their yield that would typically be thrown away and turn them into a desirable product. Rosin is attractive to growers and marijuana connoisseurs for the same reason—it follows an extraction process that doesn’t require any additional solvents like those used in the methods for producing other concentrates. This benefit makes it a relatively safe and easy project for home growers, and users appreciate that rosin does not contain a lot of added chemicals.

Cannabis rosin can be consumed with a dabbing rig or a vaporizer. Users should take care to clean their vaporizers with isopropyl alcohol after every session because rosin can leave a sticky residue.

Benefits of Cannabis Rosin

With cannabis rosin, you get everything you want in a concentrate without extra additives. Rosin created from quality starting material contains both cannabinoids and terpenes in high amounts. THC and CBD are both types of cannabinoids or substances that provide medicinal benefits and generate the euphoric high caused by marijuana. Terpenes are aromatic molecules secreted by the cannabis flower. Terpenes contribute to each weed strain’s scent, but they also have properties like acting as an anti-inflammatory, stress reducer, and pain reliever.

Rosin contains high concentrations of both of these beneficial types of weed compounds. In fact, rosin is nearly as potent as shatter, even though it’s made naturally. 

Rosin is created using heat, pressure, and filter bags, and that’s about it. It’s a rare type of concentrated substance that doesn’t depend on the chemical solvents used to make other concentrates.

Rosin can be a full-spectrum or a select-spectrum extract, depending on the starting material. Full-spectrum products contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other products present in a particular cannabis plant. Rosin made from flower is likely to be a full-spectrum extract, whereas rosin made from hash oil is more often a select-spectrum product.

Keep an eye on rosin products as manufacturers experiment with different products. Despite being a relatively new method of ingesting cannabis, rosin has exploded in popularity because it’s a clean and straightforward yet potent and versatile concentrate.

Try vaping rosin at a high temperature if you want an immediate and potent high. For a lesser, more extended buzz, vape it at a lower temperature.

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