What Is OG Kush, Really?

What Is OG Kush?

If you ask someone what the pinnacle of cannabis is, they will likely mention OG Kush. As one of the most sought-after weed strains, OG Kush is renowned for its high quality and legendary status. The problem with the cannabis strain, though, is that no one really knows the origins of its name.


OG Kush Overview

OG Kush is a highly potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain, featuring an average THC level between 20% and 25%. It’s famous because it’s one of the most potent buds available. It’s best for experienced consumers because they’re most likely able to handle OG Kush’s euphoric effects.

This kush has several identifiable markers. The buds look like medium-sized nuggets with a dense structure. Overall, it’s not too unlike an indica flower.

OG Kush leaves have a yellow-green color and may contain purple bits from anthocyanin pigments that react to cold weather. The strain also has bright orange pistils, which stands out among all the green. Kush bud is full of trichomes that give the nuggets a silvery appearance with a sticky texture. 


Mystery Behind “OG”

The term “OG” has produced plenty of conversations among weed experts and casual smokers alike, but the strain’s history remains largely unknown. Thankfully, several theories could explain how the legendary strain got its name. 

One theory is that “OG” stands for OverGrown.com, one of the earliest, most popular cannabis websites. The Canadian government eventually shut the site down, so many people think OG Kush pays homage to the website that many growers used as a resource. 

Another theory is that it stands for “original gangster.” The name is for a prevalent strain from San Fernando Valley in California that led to OG Kush’s fame. 

Though both theories are possible, the best guess is that OG Kush stands for “Ocean Grown Kush.” The term may refer to cannabis plants that grow close to the ocean along the Bay of California. People think that weed from that region is some of the best in the world, thanks to the salty air and humid environment. 


OG Kush Effects

People often consume OG Kush because of its euphoric effects. It produces a heady, upbeat mood that can lead to moments of blissful happiness. OG Kush generates a positive high and uplifting experience that many people find appealing. 

Though your mind may be in the clouds after consuming this strain, OG Kush’s sedative effects will likely keep you stationary for a while. It’s perfect for casual social interactions or relaxing at home.


Benefits of OG Kush

The bud offers similar calming effects common among other indica strains with high THC potency. It does provide some medical benefits for people with mental disorders or chronic pain. People often use OG Kush to alleviate symptoms of:


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