Weed in Vancouver

I’m born and raised in Vancouver, and know lots of quirks about this city. While a wonderful place to be, there’s no shortage of grey clouds to rain on your parade. Our roads are inadequate for the population, ICBC sucks balls, cops bust you for brushing against your phone in a car, and rent is a bitch…told ya, I live here. 

But it ain’t all bad. We got weed. Tonnes of 420 pot. But how do you buy it? Before this sweet-ass gig I bought off a dude or went to Weeds for 1 or 2 grams of junk. We live in a God’s marijuana basket, so why are we not smoking good shit? The answer is simple, ‘the best stuff leaves town’. It's true; the best BC bud is sadly exported. Why? Because the best ganja is generally worth more out of the city than in it. Potheads here are so spoiled that most aren't willing to spend extra for top quality pot so the growers ship it away. It’s all about convenience in Van City, BC, Canada. 

Just to be clear, I’m not dropping-off deliveries within Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We’re way too busy to do it, but if your name (ie order) pops up in production (with a local address)... we'll package and send it via mail, just like we do for everyone else in Canada. Our MOM (mail-order-marijuana) operation is as streamlined as a blue whale in the ocean. That being said, it will take longer than your high school connect in the black Maxima to get what you ordered. But if you are serious about your smoke, buy in bulk from Cheeba’s and get the real deal smoke at a legit value. 

So how do we bring the local, spoiled market to the comparatively slow mail-order network? Personally, before I never thought of ordering pot through the mail as a North Van kid because I can get shit dropped off in 20-mins. But that stuff sucks. But now being in this chair, I see the best weed BC has to offer; it’s fucking fantastic!! I now see why stoners throughout the world have so much love for BC Bud -they’re the ones who get to smoke it... lucky SOBs! 

I’m sorry to say, but BC residents get the leftovers. The primo 420 is picked up by high-level brokers who move it across the continent for huge money. The run of the mill stuff is what’s left for Vancouver et all. Lame, I know. It’s like learning Santa isn’t real for the first time. But fear not Vancouver stoners, we gotcha! Waiting at the Seabus? Stuck in Richmond? you in Surrey, brah?!? Whatever your situation, things are better with weed... great cannabis smoke, not some lame-ass ditch-weed. I can remember crops of amazing stuff I’ve had over the years. As far as my memory is concerned, the harvest of Chemo in ’09 was the best marijuana stuff the world has ever seen. But there’s hundreds of ‘meh’ bags in between those gems.  

If you buy from Cheeba’s, that’s all over. I’ll tell ya, it’s a pleasure to have this phone number: 778-968-4913. We get so many calls from ecstatic customers, it’s amazing. I love hearing from people who can’t believe the quality of our pot products. I know its awesome cuz I smoke it too. Feel free to and share your experiences with us, it’s great to hear from ya all! I don’t give a rat’s ass about ‘sharing’ it ‘socially’…call me up, I’ll usually answer -then talk shop for as long as possible. 

Cheeba’s works hard to be the place you want to buy weed online from. This isn’t some fly-by-night crap operation that you’d be worried about. We've sunk a lot of money into this thing and pay our taxes so we can continue to operate in the future... we're here to stay and play in the online ganja world. This is a passion for everyone associated with Cheeba’s. Marijuana is helpful, and less harmful than other substances out there. And we’re going to bring the appropriate Vancouver attitude on the matter to all our fellow Canadians! 

All our strains are tested by us to ensure we won’t hear shit about our stuff. We’ve had a couple thousand sales and no one has complained about our regular menu. It’s true that some people didn’t think too much of our $99 ounces. But seriously, $99 for an Oz?!? it’s legit stuff and not washed or anything…just not that great. Even at the quality, that was a hell of a deal. I got high on it, but it took an extra bowl. NBD. 

There are so many mail-order-marijuana companies out there, and we're proud to be one of the fastest growing online pot shops. What a time to be alive! Why choose Cheeba’s? Good question. There’s lots of good MoM’s out there, so why us? Well, I guess I like us the most because we're a small shop that is committed to sourcing and supplying top-quality, best-in-class marijuana. Want to talk to someone who matters? Call us. Like free stuff? Then buy your pot supply from us. Like a goofy, yet grim sense of humour? Read the blog and look at our banners. I guess the answer is simple, there’s lots of Canadians who are on the same 'vibe' as we are. Are you cool? Are you reasonable yet demanding? Same with us, and we know that’s a good thing. You buy weed online from Cheeba’s and expect quality... we do our best to deliver it!