Top 7 Myths About Buying Weed Online

Buying Marijuana Online Myths -Debunked!

The Canadian marijuana market is worth at least C$5.7 billion. Buying weed online is easier than ever, but many people have misconceptions about it. The average pot user in Canada spent around C$1,200 last year. As that number rises, the cannabis market in Canada grows like... well, like weed:-).

420 Pot has never been more available to the public than it is today. With that said, there are still 7 popular myths/ misconceptions that hold people back from buying marijuana online:

1. People Think Buying Weed Online Is Illegal

People are afraid of buying cannabis online because they assume it's illegal. That's understandable. Who seriously wants to risk getting arrested and having a criminal record?

There's some partial truth to this assumption. If you live in a place where marijuana is still illegal, then yes, buying cannabis online is also illegal. This means you could face charges if you're caught shipping, or receiving, cannabis in/from any state or province where it is still illegal.

Yes, cannabis is still illegal in most countries, but the green herb is legal in certain places (Yay for Canada)! Best of all, if you live in Canada or any other country where pot is legal (like certain states in the US), you can purchase weed online! In order to do this legally, you need to purchase the weed from a legitimate dispensary.

2. Worldwide Shipping

People think/assume that dispensaries are shipping out their products all over the world. This isn't true. Dispensaries only ship to people in places where weed has been legalized. If dispensaries shipped to illegal states and countries, the owners would risk getting arrested, charged with serious crimes, and of course, losing their 420 pot business.

Residents of Canada can enjoy getting marijuana from retail or online Canadian dispensaries. Best of breed dispensaries that are leaders in their field won't ship to residents in locations where cannabis is still illegal. They will also ask theirs customers to provide proof of who they are, their age, and where they live.

3. Safety

Those who don't know better assume that purchasing cannabis online is unsafe. If you buy weed online from a reputable, top quality dispensary then you're safe. The products you're buying are pure, tested, and cultivated for quality.

If you order weed online from a "cannabis business" in a place where weed is illegal, you're putting your life on the line... well, maybe not your life, but it be costly and very embarrassing. At the least, you risk getting arrested and charged with several different crimes for receiving the pot. The products you get might also contain synthetic weed (stay away from this stuff), or other substances that aren't safe for your body, mixed with something else, or just very weak.

People have been hospitalized for overdosing on synthetic marijuana and related substances so we'll say it again, stay away from this stuff. If you live in Canada, play it safe and buy from a Canadian dispensary. The risks aren't worth it.

4. Paying With a Card

If you think getting weed online is as easy as typing in your credit/debit card, think again. Most online dispensaries aren't capable of accepting card payments. Due to the high commission charges, scrutiny from the card companies/ banks; accepting credit cards poses a risk for an online dispensary.

Fortunately, you can pay with cash. Have that cash handy when your delivery arrives. Many online pot shops are now starting to collect payment vai eTransfers and Interac, and some of these internet based stores are even starting to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through apps. 

5. Worth The Effort

Even after reading all this, many people will still be asking themselves, "Is buying marijuana online worth the effort, and is it really safe?" Yes, it's definitely worth the effort to order weed online from a reputable dispensary. Dispensaries have high-quality products that contain THC in different dosages. Great dispensaries have many different strains for you to choose from and will gladly help you with the decision making process. 

When you buy weed illegally, you never truly know what kind of marijuana you're getting. You don't know how good the weed is, where it came from, or if it weed was grown/ treated with pesticides or chemicals. This could have adverse effects on your health.

When you purchase from a legitimate, best in its class online dispensary you can be more sure of what you are getting and more sure that the product will get shipped, and that the package your MoM (mail order marijuana) sent arrives at your door. 

Buying pot should be as safe and fun any buying any other product whether it be through a physical, retail store or via the online channel. It really is worth the effort to buy cannabis online from a reputable, trust-worthy dispensary.

6. Same High?

Some people think all marijuana produces the same high. For that reason, they assume there's no reason to buy marijuana online from dispensaries. In actuality, the kind of marijuana you smoke determines what kind of high you'll experience.

There are three primary types of marijuana: indica, sativa, and hybrids. Indica gives you a relaxed body high. Sativa gives you an energetic head high. Hybrid cannabis is a mix of both indica and sativa so the high you get will vary depending on which hybrid strain you buy.

Each strain of marijuana is cultivated for different purposes. For instance, green crack is good for treating depression. You'll have access to different strains for different purposes if you order from a dispensary online. A dealer on Craigslist won't have that kind of selection.

7. Not Strong

Some people like to reminisce about the good old days when weed was potent. When people assume weed isn't as strong as it used to be, they're ignoring the weed world at large.

The truth is that the THC content in weed has increased over the years... pot is the most potent it's ever been! Since THC is the compound that gets you high, you're more likely to get high from weed you get online from a dispensary. Nowadays, you need less weed to achieve a high.

Dispensaries carry weed of all strengths. You can even get weed with a high THC percentage or a low THC/ high CBD ratio. You'll have access to these strains if you buy online whereas when buying from the street guy you have no idea really what you're going to get... you're just going to have to trust him and take his word for it.

Stop Stalling and Start Toking

People from Nova Scotia smoke the most weed per capita in Canada. Don't let them steal the glory... start buying weed online today! More than 4.9 million Canadians smoke weed for recreational and medicinal purposes. And as mor benefits of cannabis come out, that number continues to grow larger each and every day.Embrace the power of marijuana and buy cannabis online. It's the best decision you'll ever make. 

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