service quality value

You're lucky to get two out of those three.

It’s a glorious time for cannabis in Canada! If you’re reading this, odds are you already know of the price war online for high quality stuff. It’s true, there has to be 400 online businesses that you can buy marijuana in Canada from; they range from local Instagram dealers to fully licensed producers.

Here’s some things to remember when choosing your dispensary, they have been broken down into the three categories mentioned above. Like The Stones say, ‘you can’t always get what you want’. But, as Meatloaf put it, ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.


-How easy and convenient the shopping experience is. Not only the website, but the checkout process and payment processing
 How quick were your emails answered? How courteous were the people you were speaking/messaging?
-Discreet, secure mailing practises
-Helpful information on the website as well as over emails
-Do they throw in extra goodies? Are the grams exactly 1.0 or slightly over?
 (we weigh heavy and throw in samples to thank our clients for choosing us)


-How good is the weed? (Cheeba’s selects the best harvests we come across, and we choose from pretty high up the food chain)
-Professional, smell-proof packaging
-How good do the edibles taste? How effective?
-Are the descriptions accurate?
-Are the buds quality tested?


-How much money does it cost you?
-How much do you value reliability?
-How much do you value good marijuana?
-What is your time worth?
-What can $10 get you these days?