Best Ways of Storing Marijuana

Storing Marijuana

If you’re on this site, you probably know how and where to get weed -that’s not a mystery and we’ve tried to make as easy as possible:-). But do you know how to keep your marijuana so it doesn’t lose potency over time? Here’s some helpful information on how to best store your 420 weed stash.

Weed has a long lifespan. And when stored properly experts say weed can be kept stable for up to two years and sometimes even longer. So even if you somehow dramatically over estimated how much you needed, you can still store it for future use... just take proper storage precautions. Also, to save yourself the trouble, label everything so you know which strains are in which container. If you plan on using the weed for edibles, the storage process is slightly different, since a long storage period isn’t the best for this method of consumption.

Best Way to Store Weed

It is generally agreed by the majority of the people who have been in the cannabis business for a long time that the storing marijuana in glass jars in a cool, dark place is the best way to help preserve it.

Another plus to using glass jars is that they allow you to store the weed without it smelling/ stinking up the joint (pun intended:-). Store your 420-pot in a low cupboard, in the basement, or cellar because heat rises so you don’t want to put it near, around, or above electronics or appliances.

Just remember, as this is very important... let your weed ‘cure’ for some time before you put it away for storage. Yes, it really is that simple but if you’d like to know more... keep reading.

Storage Containers

Sealed containers are ideal. Glass jars work great. Try to find a container that’s the right size for your needs. You don’t want one that’s too big or too small, since allowing air to fill the container will dry the weed, but at the same time you shouldn’t jam the weed inside because this means the bud will lose its resin. As long as you don’t leave your weed out in the open, this part of storage is hard to mess up.

Avoid the using plastic baggies! Yes, we’ve all done it and it’s a very common practice (probably because it’s so convenient and easy) but it’s also one of the worst methods of weed storage. How many times have you noticed when you are taking the ganja out of the plastic bag that some small pieces are left behind sticking to the sides? This happens because plastic baggies contain a positive energy charge that attracts weed trichomes which means you are losing potency every time you take weed out of the baggie.


Temperature is super important. Cannabis likes to be kept in a cool environment -cool means around 25ºC. Too much heat dries the cannabinoids and terpenes, causing the 420 buds to lose their properties. Weed that’s kept too cold can end up losing its quality, since this slows down the process of decarboxylation, which is what turns THCA into THC (this is what gets you high). 


Humidity is another important factor to consider. Keep cannabis away from moisture, which can contaminate the product by encouraging the growth of mould and mildew. The humidity in the air should be kept in the range of 59%-to-63%. You don’t need to 100% precise about this, but do try to stay somewhere close to or within this range as it’ll help to ensure that bad contaminants will have a hard time taking hold.     


The other really important factor is lighting. UVA rays can reduce the lifespan of any organic material, and marijuana degrades the more it is exposed to sunlight. So it’s really not a good idea to leave your 420 pot anywhere where it can be hit by direct sunlight for any great period of time.    

Storing Weed in Freezer or Fridge

Both of these options are very contentious points in the cannabis. Some people say it can be done... if it’s done properly, but many others say just don’t do it! If you are considering using either of these storage methods, spend some time researching into them and then proceed as you see fit. And if you must know, we in the ‘don’t do it camp’.

Marijuana Storage Dos & Don’ts

Here’s a good list of some of the things you can do, and some things you shouldn’t do, when it comes to storing weed. 


*do store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

*do store in glass jars or other containers that have a neutral charge

*do vacuum seal the storage jars/containers to minimize oxygen exposure

*do separate the strains into their own containers to maintain strain flavour and profile

*do label the containers so you know what is in each one 


*don’t store in the fridge as fluctuation in humidity & temperature can have harm your weed

*don’t store in the freezer as this causes the fragile trichomes to become brittle & break-off

*don’t store above/around electronics or appliances that give off heat

*don’t store in plastic baggies/containers as these often have a static charge

*don’t use a tobacco humidor as they may contain oils that can transfer to your pot

*don’t use grinders, pipes, or other paraphernalia as burnt cannabis lingers & will stink up storage containers

 Smoke Away for Years

If stored improperly your marijuana stash is going to lose its flavour and potency, but now that you know how to store weed properly you don’t need to worry about that and can instead focus on smoking great weed for years to come... a little knowledge goes a long way!