What to Do If You Get Too High

Remember: You're Going To Be Fine

While it is virtually impossible to suffer severe medical issues due to marijuana overdose, consuming too much can be an unpleasant experience. People who have had too much can feel physically nauseated and emotionally paranoid. Their hearts may begin to race, only making the experience more stressful. While the only true cure is time, you can take the following steps to help you get weed sober and feel more comfortable while you come down.


Just Add Water

Like most things in life, it helps to stay hydrated. Water is good for preventing dry mouth and overheating. Also, having something simple and repetitive to do can help you calm down if you are anxious. You can jump in the shower if you are feeling ill, especially one with cold water. If that is not possible or practical, try splashing some water on your face. Even this small gesture can help you feel sober a little faster.


Chow Down

Some people believe that fatty foods help the body absorb cannabinoids faster. Others think that digestion pulls blood away from the brain (which is responsible for a high) into the stomach. Whatever is happening, indulging in the munchies can be a good way to sober up.  Substances with black pepper, in particular, have demonstrated an ability to help people process THC faster. So, try some french fries covered in pepper next time you are feeling too high. 


Take Some Medicine

Over-the-counter ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs can help stop a high, especially the cognitive symptoms. Take a pill with a tall glass of water, and then lay down.

If you are with someone who is paranoid and has anti-anxiety medication, double-check before giving them their meds. While their prescription may help if administered safely, you want to make sure the weed won’t cause adverse effects.


Consume Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC and CBD are both found in marijuana. THC gets people high, but CBD can counter its influence. If someone needs to get weed sober, they can actually do so by consuming more -- but different -- marijuana products. 

A vape pen with CBD oil, for example, can help calm their THC high and mellow out the experience.


Sleep It Off

You can pass some time with a nap and hopefully wake up a little less high. Pot is a soporific (meaning that it makes you sleepy), so the trouble is waking back up before you throw off your sleep schedule. Set a half-hour alarm and see how you feel after a quick snooze.


Find a Friend

It can help to have someone by your side. A friend can talk you down and remind you the high is only temporary. They can also find a simple game to play with you to help keep your mind off being high.


Give it Time

Just remember, you will feel better in a few hours. Other methods can help with the symptoms, but time will make you completely weed sober.


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