What is Hash?

What exactly is hash?

HASH in Arabic, hashish means 'grass'. Hash has been used for thousands of years ever since the first people discovered the curious sticky plant’s by-product.

Hashish, or hash is a waxy product formed by extracting the stalked resin glands /trichomes/ and the #222 crystals from cannabis plant and compacted into a hardened solid block. Hash is a powerful concentrate which contains up to 60 % of THC and it is about 5 times stronger than smoking.

Hash is dense or crumbly sticky bricks and can have dark yellow, chocolate brown. green khaki or black color. Heavily pressed hash is generally darker on the outside.

Hash is consumed by inhaling, typically in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or consumed by cooking or prepared as a tea. People also make has butter, gummies, brownies and edibles.

What is the difference between hash and weed?

Both hash and weed come from the cannabis plant where weed refers to the dried flower and hash is a concentrate derived from the resin. The taste of hash is also earthier and less floral.

Does hash give you a different high? 

Well processed hash has a stronger effect than the plant it came from. The high from hash or cannabis is influenced by the strain of cannabis.

What are the benefit of using hash?

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