What Really is Full Melt Hash?

What is full melt hash

There is always something new to explore or learn when discussing recreational drugs like hash. The hash world is never dull; avid consumers can attest to that.

The complete melt hash is a big hit in the hash world, making waves recently. You might have encountered "full melt" or "6-star hash" plastered on hash containers at dispensaries or heard discussions in the cannabis community.

If this is your first time hearing about it, don't worry; we will cover everything.

The full melt extracts are deemed the caviar of the cannabis extracts world. So what is all this full melt business about? Let's find out.

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Full Melt Hashish-A Look

As its name implies, complete melt (also known as a 6-star hash, bubble hash and ice water hash) is essentially any hash goods capable of melting completely without any plant residue left behind.

As hash vaporizes, there is zero plant matter to burn, only the resin. The full-melt articles are very tough to achieve, but they're incredibly high-quality.

There are no debris or plant pieces while smoking; it's the cleanest hash experience cannabis products can deliver.

Why is Full Melt Hash So Popular?

The fame of full melt bubble hash is all about the quality level. Understanding the hash grading system and why it is so popular is important. The more you educate yourself, the better decisions you can make with your money.

1-2 Star Grade

This grade hashish is the standard cooking grade or food level hash such as tinctures and topicals, so you cannot dab this hash.

3-4 Star Grade

Here lies the half-melt hashish, which can be dabbed but is not of high quality that will have a wow element! You might have to use this half melt as starting material and add it onto rosin to enjoy the full dabbing experience.

5-6 Star

This is your 6-star full melt hash, the level every toker seeks. This concentrate is pure so that it can be dabbed and enjoyed fully; you don't need to add anything.

Full Melt Hash Supremacy

The entire melt hashish carries a superior taste, an immaculate presentation, a smoother hit, and an almost little throat burn. Moreover, you won't have to dread cleaning your dab rig because while this grade hash delivers a bold taste, it doesn't leave a mess.

full melt hash, clean hash

This bubble hash helps smokers retain better the original flavour of the plant's terpene profile, so you are getting a heady aroma and taste and a terrific experience from the trichome heads. Most consumers wax lyrical about complete melt hash and don't mind paying the big bucks for it, too!

How is the Full Melt Hash Made?

As you dive into the wonders of complete melt hash, you must be curious about what goes into making hash of this level. Don't worry; we will tell you all.

The most popular way for creating this hashish is the bubble or ice water extraction method. What's special about this technique? It can beautifully separate cannabis's trichomes to get an excellent and full spectrum extract imbued with concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes.

Let's discover more about the ice water bubble method.

The Bubble Method

Here is how the full melt hash is born!

Getting some ice water and submerging cannabis into it, the plant is agitated by welding a machine or hand paddle. This process allows the trichomes to freeze and separate from the cannabis plant.

ice water extraction, full melt hash

They float and settle at the bottom from where they're filtered using bubble bags or micron screens.

Then this hash is gathered and dried with natural methods or extreme measures like freeze dryers.

The important factor in making this hash is choosing the right starting material; you must have a good cannabis plant with epic trichome heads to achieve this hash.

How To Consume Your Full Melt Hash

With your 6-star hash, you surely want to know the best way to consume it. Well, experts believe that dabbing is the way for such solventless concentrates.

When dabbing the bubble hash, ensure you heat that e-nail or quartz nail properly. The dab could burn that hash and destroy the taste if it is boiling. Moreover, it may cause a burning feeling in your lungs and throat.

Nonetheless, if your temperature is too low, the concentrate will not melt right, failing to release its total terpenes and cannabinoid potential.

Hash connoisseurs recommend lower-temp dabs for experiencing the right plant profile and zero hash-burning risk. The optimal temperatures lie between 315°F- 425°F.

Smoke in a Bowl

Sure, dabbing is the top choice, but consumers never limit themselves. Another way of consuming your complete melt hash is by making a hash bowl. Get your hash on parchment paper and tightly press it between your fingers.

hash bowl, bong, pipe

This not only warms the hashish but expands the oils more broadly so they can melt evenly. Then, scrap it up, put it in a bong or pipe, and light it up. You will get an evenly burning full melt hash that will deliver just what you seek.


Experts say that if you are an avid consumer with a tight budget, don't opt for anything less than the 6-star hash. It has gained quite a reputation due to its potent taste and tremendous impact on the cannabis community.

We hope this article gave you a good insight into the world of complete melt hash, and if you have been thinking about getting it, don't wait any longer.

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