What Methods Can You Use To Consume Cannabis?

Cannabis Consumptions Methods: Which Is Best?

The market for marijuana products has changed dramatically in recent years. As governments change their laws and people have become increasingly aware of the positive effects of cannabis, suppliers have responded by creating a plethora of new products to meet demand. 

This is good news for consumers, because it’s brought many exciting products to market. On the other hand, now it can be tricky to determine which form of cannabis consumption is best. Gone are the days of simply rolling your own joints or trying to make your own cannabis oil. People want to know how to consume cannabis in the 21st century.

The most popular ways of consuming cannabis include:

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Smoking is still the top way how to consume cannabis. People love the feeling of inhaling smoke and tasting the bud roll across their tongues and into their lungs. It provides a sensation and high that is unmatched in some respects. 

With so many variants of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, there are many tastes and aromas to experience. Sometimes it can be hard to get a consistent, quality product with a predictable potency. Make sure to buy from a trustworthy dispensary like Cheeba’s to ensure a reliable, fun flower each time.

Another option is to buy prerolled joints or blunts. These are handy when you want an expertly-crafted product that’s easy to share without the mess of rolling papers. Cheeba’s offers a variety of prerolls with blends and added ingredients like THC or CBD oils.


Speaking of oils, if you haven’t tried dabbing, now is a good time to start. While you get a somewhat similar sensation as smoking, you don’t have to deal with papers, loose flower, and a conspicuous joint. Vaping does produce a noticeable aroma, but it is not as strong as smoking raw bud.

Whether you’re using a rig or just a vape pen, check out the variety of oils on the market for a highly-concentrated product that you can enjoy. Remember to shop at reputable companies to avoid a weak or tainted product.


Most of us have heard of pot brownies, but there are many other fun edibles out there. These products are made by adding THC oil to normal foods and candies. They allow you to get high without smoking and taste great too!

Edibles are slower to act compared to smoking or vaping, but they are a lot more discreet. Check out our assortment of gummies, lollipops, and other sweet treats!


Maybe you’d prefer the medicinal properties of CBD or THC but aren’t looking to get high. For a fantastic, restorative take on marijuana, look into topicals. These creams, balms, and other products are infused with cannabinoids and are usually absorbed through the skin rather than inhaled or consumed. 

You’re unlikely to get high when using these, but THC and CBD have been shown to relieve pain, clear up skin, and provide a host of other benefits. Plus, many products contain essential oils and other natural remedies for an extra dose of good health.

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Now that you know how to consume cannabis, remember to buy from a responsible dispensary. If you’re still baffled by the variety of products out there, count on Cheeba’s to provide quality goods at a fair price. We carry cannabis in all shapes, sizes, and potencies. 

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