What Affects Your High?

Cannabis leads to very personal experiences, affecting users differently, but there are a few outside factors that can influence how your body responds to the drug. It's difficult to predict precisely how you're going to feel after consuming cannabis: it’s a complex interaction between your DNA, and that of the plant. Whether you want to dance all night or chill by the pool here are a few different factors that can influence your cannabis high.  

Cannabinoid profile 

The cannabinoid profile is one of the best and most accessible ways to determine how high you get. It’s necessary to know how each cannabinoid makes you feel and it requires some experimenting.

As it comes to cannabinoids, there are other factors that come to play. The THC /CBD ratio so it’s important to know the ration of the two compounds that work best for you.

Sensitivity to Terpenes

The terpenes are the ones that give our strains aromas and taste, like the berry in blackberry Kush and lemon in Lemon haze. Anecdotal evidence suggests that terpenes also play a part in the intensity a user feels from a cannabis high.


Some people who indulged in cannabis often in young age find that it affects them differently and in a less enjoyable way as they get older. As we age, our bodies change and the reactions from cannabis may be far different than you remember from youth.





The most influencing factor is the method in which you consume cannabis.

Smoking a joint or consuming edible, result in very different highs. For example, edibles take longer to have an effect but produce much stronger and long-lasting highs than joints or bongs. Get to know the different ways of consuming cannabis and tread carefully if it’s your first time.



Obviously, first factor that will influence your high is dosage especially when taking edibles as it is harder to determine what amount you are taking. When trying out a new strain, consuming an edible or dabbing, the dose you choose can make a world of difference when it comes to the type of high. 



Your setting can play a vital part when it comes to marijuana. If you’re a beginner, the best way to consume marijuana would be to do so in a space that feels safe with friends you trust.



It has been understood among consumers that indica means 'in da couch' and that sativa strain will give you a creative streak and the giggles.



THC and CBD focused strains produce different effects — one contains psychedelics (THC) and the other will leave you relaxed and likely unable to do more than sit on the couch. However nowadays with the art of cross- breeding hybrids has led to more unpredictable types of high and the effects vary from person to person. 


Experience and Tolerance

No two people are exactly alike, and the same can be said for one’s cannabis tolerance. It all depends on your body chemistry and frequency.

The only way you determine your high! Enjoy responsibly.