Weed in Quebec

What about weed in QC?

Quebec is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people who love beautiful smoke. But flower isn’t the preferred form of cannabis- hash is. Much like the Europeans whom the Quebecois take inspiration from, hash is the cool way to smoke.

Roll it up with tobacco, do bottle tokes, or smoke right out of a pipe, hash is the most popular in the French province. Like Caribou fortified wine, hash is something the rest of the country has heard of, but solder try…and they’re missing out! Quebec has a rebel spirit, they love things their own way…and premium hashish is near the top of their list!

Whether it be getting stoned for Grand Prix, or mellowing out after Jean Baptiste Day, there’s always a reason to smoke a spliff.

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The SAQ government controlled market

The people of Quebec love weed, but the government doesn’t It’s the only province with an age restriction over 21+ (everywhere else in Canada is 19+) and they have the fewest amount of dispensaries relative to the population. What gives?

The legal market (federal rules) don’t even allow for most types of hash. Talk about getting screwed from all angles. While the legal market does have some solvent-less hash options (bubble and sift) the selection and quality are still improving. As we’ve seen with the flower from the legal market, they start slow but eventually figure it out.

What's the best option then?

The best option for Quebec hash lovers is to look online. The hash selection at Cheeba’s is the largest you can buy online in Canada. If you want to smoke the best hash in Canada, then check out Cheeba’s- from the old school style Gold Seal, to fine imported hash, to premium locally made quad level strains, there’s something for everyone.