Weed in Alberta

I went on a road trip out to Calgary and Edmonton to visit friends and family. Of course I brought enough ‘provisions’ to last me a while…I figured the environment was the same in Alberta as it is in BC. Wrong.

The attitude around marijuana in Alberta is much more underground, compared to their western neighbours. Talking with people at pubs, golf courses, gas stations- I found people love weed all the same, but the fear of being known as a stoner is still heavily stigmatized. I suppose one reason could be the fact that many people work for large companies who drug test. So the idea of promoting the fact you smoke is rarely done. With a truck full of free weed, you’d think finding stoners would be the easy part.

Eventually I found some smokers, and we became fast friends. What I was surprised to find was that their stash was pretty good! I have to admit, I pulled out my selection and thought I was big shit. Buddy pulls a half O of some serious dank! If not for the quantity, his stuff was right on par. I guess a real connoisseur does what it takes to find the good stuff.

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