Weed and Food Pairing 101

Cannabis and Cuisine

Cannabis cuisine is an exciting topic among marijuana enthusiasts. Connoisseurs are constantly looking for recipes and drink pairings that combine the fun of cannabis with tasty dishes. 

Let’s see how weed and food pairings work and suggest some items to try next time you indulge. 


Understanding Terpenes

Terpenes are substances in cannabis that provide its flavour and aroma. Different strains have different types and concentrations of terpenes. 

You might describe a particular terpene as:


Foods and drinks have terpenes too. When you are trying to find a weed and food pairing, you might consider a complementary or a contrasting flavour profile. It’s the same idea as a wine or dessert pairing.

Complementary flavours mean your strain and your food taste like they go together. A Hawaiian pizza and a pineapple express joint are complementary.

Contrasting pairs are dramatic, playing off different flavours to highlight the best of each. For example, you might pair rich chocolate with a hit of earthy Sour Diesel to balance out the sweetness with some savouriness.

For the best results, use a vaporizer with your flower so you don’t wind up burning off terpenes.


Complementary Weed and Food Pairings

Berries are a perfect snack during a smoking session. You can make them more or less fancy depending on your company. They are bursting with flavour and come in a variety of fruity varieties that pair well with the range of marijuana strains that have berry undertones. 

Blue Dream, for example, pairs well with a healthy salad brightened up with strawberries.

You might also think of citrus fruits. A strain like Agent Orange would go well with a recipe for orange chicken. If you are more interested in lemon chicken or lemony tea, try a strain like Tangie.


Contrasting Weed and Food Pairings

Opposite tastes can really enhance your experience, and it is even more appealing when you are pairing your marijuana with a drink. 

Consider a heavy porter, bock, or stout. You need a strand that’s bold enough to stand up to the intense flavour of the beer but also sweet to help cleanse your pallet.

If you are enjoying some espresso after dinner, an indica may do the trick since high amounts of caffeine and indica will have you feeling elated. 

You may also pair bitter foods with herbal strains for a sweet and sour mix. Likewise, you can eat creamy foods while toking on marijuana with spicy terpenes for a zesty experience.


Other Weed and Food Pairings to Try

A few specific foods that pair well with cannabis include nuts, tea, sweet potatoes, and mangoes.

Sweet potatoes can help boost your energy while enjoying sativa strains. Nuts contain fatty acids that help you get high faster no matter what strain you are enjoying.


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