Want to Enjoy Smoking Weed? Here Are Some Tips For A Great High!

Safe Smoking

If you’re curious about exploring cannabis recreationally but have some concerns, you’re not alone. Many find themselves hesitant to light up given past experiences they may have had or stories they have heard from their friends who encountered less-than-fun situations. 

You may have heard stories of those experiencing anxiety or perhaps indulging a little too much on an edible and paying the price for it later. It doesn’t have to be that way, as many people enjoy smoking weed daily without issue. Let’s take a look at how to have a perfectly safe and enjoyable high. 


Safe Smoking Tips

The fact that smoking weed is considered safe should ease your mind a bit, especially since the marijuana experts have tips to make smoking even safer. 


One of the biggest obstacles certain people face when trying to enjoy smoking weed is anxiety. Often, the heart begins to race after smoking a joint with a higher amount of THC. Luckily, there’s a breathing technique that will help you through it. To start, try plugging your right nostril, breathing through the left, in and out, ten times. Switch sides and repeat, and your heart rate and should stabilize. 

Maintain a Safe Setting

Whether or not you already suffer from anxiety, ensuring you’re in a safe space that allows you to feel comfortable at all times is a must. It’s wise to have things you enjoy nearby to keep yourself calm. 


If you’re having anxiety with large doses of marijuana, switching it up with much smaller amounts could have the opposite effect. It’s always a good idea to start small and increase the amount gradually.


Enjoying the High


Instead of putting smoke into their lungs, many of those who enjoy ingesting weed do so via vaping. Vaping, as the name implies, vaporizes the weed through cartridges by heating them in liquid form and inhaling the vapor that comes out. This is a more “discreet” and convenient way of inhaling weed, as you can store it in your pocket and take it with you. 


Treats such as candy, baked goods, and tea can be infused with cannabis. While it may take a couple of hours for the high to kick in once ingested, the high is very strong. That’s why it’s best to start small to enjoy and get the hang of it. Remember to pace it out, as Madison Margolin of VICE learned the hard way during an incident in which she experienced an intense anxiety episode. When it comes to getting high, enjoying the experience has everything to do with dosing. 


Dabs are highly concentrated doses of weed that come from wax, shatter, budder, and BHO, according to Leafly. This substance is heated up and inhaled using a special dab rig. This way of getting high has recently become popular, as consumers learned that yields a much stronger high. Ask your budtender to determine a dose that might be good for you. 

The Strain

The right strain can make or break your experience. Between Sativa, Indica, and a hybrid of the two, which one affects you most positively? These strains differ in terms of CBD and THC levels. CBD typically has more of a calming effect, while THC is more euphoric and psychoactive. Sativa is generally higher in THC, making it more suitable for those who want to be active while high. Indica has more CBD, which provides more of a relaxing experience. 


Get the Safest Strains from Cheeba’s

The anxiety of being a first-time weed smoker can keep you from trying it out, but it shouldn’t stop you from satisfying your curiosity. Trust the budtenders at Cheeba’s to set you up with a strain that’s great for beginners. 

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