Tips For First Time Weed Smokers

What to Know

If you’re a first-time weed smoker, you’re probably having some doubts or second thoughts about smoking. The best way to start smoking safely is to surround yourself with friends you trust. Plus, the more you know about weed and smoking, the more comfortable you’ll feel when you’re ready to take your first hit.


You Probably Won’t Get High

Unfortunately, as a first-time weed smoker, you aren’t likely to get high. Whether you do it wrong or just aren’t used to the feeling of smoking yet, you’ll need to learn a few things to enjoy weed properly.

If you don’t feel high the first time you smoke, don’t be afraid to give it another try!


It’s All About the Inhale

The only way to reliably get high when you smoke weed is to inhale when you take a hit. Instead of holding the smoke in your mouth, you should feel it head to your lungs and start giving you the feeling of being high.


You Will Have Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth, or dry mouth, is the feeling you get in your mouth after you smoke. You’ll want to keep a bottle of water around so that you can stay hydrated the whole time you’re smoking. If you smoke before bed, you’re likely to wake up with cottonmouth in the morning, so make sure you always have something around to quench your thirst.

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What to Expect

Feelings of Anxiety

A common side effect of smoking weed is anxiety. While weed can help you relax and forget about your worst stresses, it can also make you hyper-aware of things you’d never even notice when you’re sober.

The best way to avoid anxiety while smoking is to surround yourself with friends you trust. The company you keep can make the difference between a happy high and an anxious high; if you’re uncomfortable around the people you’re smoking with, you’re much more likely to develop feelings of anxiety.

Creativity and Euphoria

While taking bong rips or passing a joint around with your friends, you’re going to notice that you feel happier and more creative. This may help liberate you from any inhibitions you have about expressing yourself through music, writing, painting, or any other medium you enjoy.

Weed will also give you feelings of euphoria that can make you uncharacteristically happy and giggly. As long as you’re with the right people, you’re nearly guaranteed to have a euphoric high after you smoke.


Myths Debunked

You Can’t Get Addicted

Unlike other common drugs such as nicotine, alcohol, or cocaine, weed is not addictive. While heavy users may develop a mental dependency on weed, there is no chemical found in it that can cause physical addiction.

It’s Not a Gateway Drug

Despite what all of your health teachers have ever said, marijuana is not a gateway drug. While people who smoke weed are a bit more likely to develop dependencies on or addictions to other drugs, there are often underlying factors that cause people to consider other drugs.