Tinctures seem like an old school way of ingesting marijuana. I can already see a witch doctor pouring some of that potion out, getting somebody high AF, and being declared God-King. But it wasn’t until the 1960’6 that we thought of making it into a drink. Not a drink per se, but a liquid you put under your tongue to ingest.


It doesn’t taste great, and has been called ‘Green Dragon’ back in the day. Sounds dangerous. Surprisingly, tinctures are a great way to introduce yourself to smokeless marijuana. It’s the most accurate way of gauging your intake. Start with 1ml the first night, try 2ml the following night if 1 didn’t do the trick and so on. By going slow you are able to comfortably find your sweet spot.


While marijuana in all it’s forms has been left under studied, tinctures are particularly vague. The tincture itself is pretty simple; mix high-proof alcohol with green plant matter and let mix for a few weeks. While professionals do a lot more to purify the finished liquid- that’s the essence of the product. Much like a margarita pizza with only a few ingredients, it’s about the quality of ingredients and the process which it undergoes.


Obviously the bud is the main ingredient. Using Everclear is a solid base for tinctures, clean and pure. Not only is the strain of plant used important, but also which part of the plant. The flower contains the most trichomes, so naturally tinctures made from finely ground bud will be the most potent. The small leaves closest to the bud have a surprisingly high content of trichomes also make an excellent substitute.


Tinctures made with leaves and stems will yield a lower THC / CBD content. Producers sometimes use their trimmings excessively for making tinctures, we can spot this and make sure all Cheeba’s tinctures are made the right way.


Tinctures don’t take as long as edibles to kick in. They can hit anywhere from 15-45 minutes after consumption. Important note- putting the liquid under your tongue and letting it rest there for a couple minutes will result in a faster onset time. Under your tongue is processed through your blood which is faster, swallowed will be processed by the liver.