Smoking and Drinking 101

It’s risky business, though not nearly as dangerous as doing booze with coke or Molly. Right?!?

Let’s also throw that one out into the argument. That being said, medical marijuana at a liquor store is a terrible idea. Who the hell is in charge here?!?!

Back to the original topic, weed and booze- sometimes it rules. I recommend a slow, casual drink like wine. The name of this game isn’t getting fucked up, it’s finding the sweet spot between the two.

Do not start drinking like a fish, then smoking weed after. If you’ve been drinking and think smoking weed is a good idea, don’t do it. Please do not drink then think ‘yeah, why not/“ It’s a bad idea, that’s why. The best way to do it is, first of all, is be a seasoned smoker. If you do not smoke regularly, please do not drink and smoke. It’s a beast if you don’t know how to do it.

Smoke early. Get use to the mellow demur of daily bliss when you wake n’ bake. I know that sounds romantic. But the way I do it, it is ;). Slowly drink after your second round of sativa. It’s a sativa heavy night, bro. You need that energy to get through. If you buy cheap weed that you have no idea of the strain, then do not drink. But if you buy good sativa (from Cheeba’s) then you’re on the right track. So now you’re ordered up. You got some good Sour Power or Pinks! or Sour Tangerine or 10 other wicked strains we keep on the regular.

Get use to the uplifted fun high that a real sativa brings. Then bring on a drink that is slow and mellow. Stay away from whiskey. Trust me on this one. There’s a wildness to hard bar that marijuana does not settle with. Weed needs mellow. Sorry Snoop, but chronic and tonic only sounds good. That shit ends up in handcuffs.

Drink beer or wine or cider. Eat plenty... which shouldn’t be a problem :) All of my worst nights all started the same -no dinner. Don’t have a liquid lunch or shots for dinner- that’s not setting you up for success.

They say to drink a glass of water in between drinks. Great call. Do that when smoking weed and drinking. Be sure to keep a balance of food, water, the drink, and the smoke all in good order. Do not ignore one for another, pay respect to all groups.