Ridiculous Packaging Laws

With the recent crackdown of pot shops throughout Canada, we wanted to take a closer look at what the Liberals plan to do when it comes time to finally propose legislation. The initial vibe isn’t great. There’s a lot to digest here, so let’s start with packaging. 

The aim is to eliminate ‘sophistication and allure’ of marijuana which limits messaging and information in the name of ‘safety’

It’s the same crackdown as on smoking. Inhaling any smoke is seen as a social taboo, and anti-smoking advocates want to stigmatize smoking of any variety- weed, vape, all of it. Purporting marijuana’s minimal harm is to minimize the war on smoke, thus pot -since it can be smoked- needs to follow the same rules as cigarettes.

The government’s attempt is to bring the black market to and end, and have the cannabis users buy regulated and taxed products, rather than the illegal variety they are use to. But limiting the sellers of the products in such a draconian fashion will impede the efforts established in the onset.

What they can’t seem to grasp is the culture around marijuana. People love it and there’s many ways in which brands/strains/concentrates all convey themselves. The logic behind making a package plain, only to include the relevant info plainly written is an attempt to sterilize the market. It’s the same thing being done to tobacco.

Many scientists agree that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco. Most other people would have a hard time arguing the contrary. So why is the government treating them the same? While marijuana isn’t free of risks, the extreme measures being discussed are deserving of a drug that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Trying to compare apples to apples, let’s say booze and weed are equally hazardous. Look at Super Bowl commercials and tell me alcohol doesn’t look fun. I’m not saying we should sponsor the National Hotdog Eating Contest, but plain packaging?!? C’mon man!

The legislators should remind themselves of Prairie Plant Systems (PPS), and their history of success trying to manage a vibrant community and culture with drab governmental oversight.  Get over your Reefer Madness and get with the times; funny how Liberals are liberal only until they’re in power.