Picking a Weed Strain for Sleep

Marijuana As A Sleep Aid: Here's What You Need To Know

A lack of restful sleep can leave you feeling exhausted, unproductive, and stressed, especially when the problem is consistent. Using cannabis can help with insomnia, but only if you pick the right strains. 

Weed offers people a safer alternative to a lack of sleep than over-the-counter medication because weed has fewer side effects, and none of them are harmful. Weed can help your body and mind relax enough to allow you to drift off to a pleasant, uninterrupted rest. 

Choose the right weed for sleep with these tips!


Go For Indicas

Though there are countless subcategories of cannabis, there are only three main types: HybridsIndica, and Sativa. Sativa strains produce a more energetic effect, often giving people motivation to be active and exercise, clean their house, or just keep moving. Sativa use can also lead to an increase in creativity and helps generate ideas.

That effect is not what you want before bed, so turn to Indica instead. This strain’s terpenes produce a more calming, relaxing effect than Sativa. With their help, you will fall asleep quickly and peacefully. 

Some Indica varieties also have high levels of CBD, a cannabidiol that won’t get you high but will tone down mental confusion and anxiety.

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Use Older Weed

Generally, use fresh weed if you want a more potent high. When pot sits around for a while, the THC oxidizes from prolonged exposure to oxygen. Once oxidation occurs, the THC converts to minor cannabinoids like CBN (cannabinol) that are non-intoxicating. CBN won’t get you high, but it generates a significantly stronger sedative effect. 

Consider These Picks

Pure Indica will undoubtedly give you the relaxation you crave, but you can also use these strains if you want to try something different but just as effective.

Of course, only choose these methods after determining how your body handles THC. Some are quite potent, so you don’t want to overdo it.

Use the Right Methods

Once you find some weed for sleep, you have to use the appropriate quantities. For best results, consider smoking a medium-sized joint 60 to 90 minutes before bedtime. This time allotment gives your brain enough time to get used to the weed’s psychoactive effects.

Edibles may help you stay asleep because it takes your body longer to process the cannabinoids, but taking too much can lead to an unpleasant weed hangover. 

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