Is CBD Safe For Seniors?

Common Uses of CBD

Over the past few years, researchers linked the use of CBD to potential benefits for conditions commonly found in older adults. CBD may be able to help relieve anxiety, pain from arthritis, and inflammation. Additionally, CBD and THC can both ease the side effects of cancer treatments, like vomiting or loss of appetite.

CBD might also be able to improve brain and heart health, too. The cannabidiol compound affects the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which helps to manage brain activity and positive brain responses. Some studies also link the use of CBD to lowered blood pressure as well as a reduction in the increase in blood pressure resulting from anxiety and stress.


Benefits of CBD For Seniors

Due to its positive effects to reduce both physical and mental pain, it is no wonder that many seniors seek CBD treatment. One of the benefits of modern CBD study is that most of the research conducted uses a wide age range, meaning that positive effects found in CBD treatments appear to apply across all demographics.

One main benefit found from the use of CBD is the reduction of social anxiety among seniors. Anxiety resulting from social situations can affect the day-to-day lives of seniors and can even lead to depression in some people. Improvements in lapses in memory and reduction of physical pain resulting from CBD use can do wonders for older generations.


Dosages of CBD For Seniors

Dosage is an important topic for any CBD user, not just those who are senior citizens. Luckily, a variety of CBD products can help users manage their dosage. But the question for new users may be, “What is the correct dosage?” While no evidence indicates the danger of a clinical overdose, high doses of CBD may cause discomfort.

However, in therapeutic studies, patients may take doses anywhere from 5 mg per day to 1500 mg per day. As CBD can affect different users in different ways, new patients should begin with low doses and increase their dosage until they obtain their desired effects. Most doctors recommend that CBD patients take anywhere between 40 mg and 100 mg of CBD per day.


Is CBD Safe?

While there is still room for research, all indications point to higher safety with CBD treatment than with prescription drugs. Drugs prescribed to seniors can be dangerous due to risks of organ and tissue damage as well as drug addiction. CBD and even full-spectrum marijuana products have fewer addictive traits.

Doctors may also suggest CBD to combat prescription drug addiction, further verifying its benefits for people, regardless of age. 


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