How to get high during the pandemic

2022 is upon us... I should be getting high.

How do I get high safely in the middle of a pandemic? Pretty simple, don't share and keep your distance. Gone are the days when your friends pester you to pass the joint. This time it's all yours. It's part of our favourite daily ritual but that, with all things these days must also adapt. We have been using a variety of joints, vapes, edibles and hash to keep in the right space these *sigh* last two years.

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Edibles the way of the future?

lungs stressed? Worried about smoking? or just trying something new? Is that why edibles are coming into the limelight lately? We aren't quite sure why but edible consumption has been on the rise (big time) these last few years. We can't really say what lead to this change but maybe people working from home are indulging, maybe people are trying new things or just a cultural shift after cannabis became legal in Canada. No one can say for sure (at least not myself) but Cheebas carrys a huge variety of edibles but THC and CBD to fit your needs.

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Smoking hash

Does this old school treat hit the right spot? Many people are carrying around a pipe these days. It's as easy way to smoke hash on the go and many report smoking hash to be more relaxing than other tradtional flowers. Whatever your go to is Cheebas has you covered with the largest variety of hash in North America.