How is Shatter Made

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a term used to describe and extremely potent type of hash oil. 

Shatter is a golden in color, hard, glass- like solvent based cannabis extract which can have multiple consistencies. It usually shatters when dropped therefore the name ‘Shatter’ 

It can be sold under the name Sap or Pull n Snap. They just vary in a heat and moisture content which gives them different textures. 

Sap – is runnier with tree sap texture

Pull n Snap - is in between Shatter and Sap

Shatter can contain up to 80 % THC and because of its extremely high cannabinoid concentrations a single hit will be powerful and fast. 

All Cannabis concentrates are essentially made by harvesting and concentrating trichomes which are a small crystals found on the cannabis plant containing the highest THC content.

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How is Shatter Made?

To obtain shatter there are a few methods for cannabis oil extraction using different solvents such as:

1.  Butane / Liquified gas - Hash Oil (BHO)



Butane method steps: 

The wash (Extraction Step) the wash where butane passes through the column which contains plant material and strips them from the plant. 

The butane is then purged (separated) from the oil through heating. The end product is then collected and left to settle in order to form the thin sheet.

2.  Carbon Dioxide (CO2)



CO2 OIL Extraction (Supercritical Extraction) works at lower temperatures then BHO which allows it to preserve the flavours and terpenes of the plant leaving it stronger in aroma and flavour. The temperature will greatly influence the composition of the final product. CO2 removes moisture from the plant. C2 oil is usually found in pre-filled cartridges and syringes.