How To Keep Weed Fresh

Remember to HALT! - Humidity, Air, Light, and Temperature

Don’t let good weed go to waste! When you’re thinking about how to store your weed, HALT and consider the humidity, air, light, and temperature of your storage space and container. Let’s look at each factor and discuss some effective (and not-so-effective) methods of how to keep weed fresh.


You need to prevent your flower from drying out from low humidity or mouldering and mildewing from high humidity. Aim for relative humidity (RH)  between 59% and 63% if you’ll be smoking or around 54% if you plan to vape. Salt-based products for marijuana storage can suck moisture out of your container to adjust the RH. Just don’t use an orange peel or any other type of organic material.


Put your weed on lockdown—that is, in an airtight container. Also, keep it away from anything with a powerful aroma, like deodorant, soap, and nail polish. It’s also wise to store marijuana separately from your grinders, pipes, and bongs for the same reason.


Keep your pot in the dark. Ultraviolet rays make weed less potent and give it a funky taste. If you’re storing weed in something like a glass mason jar, stash it in a cupboard or put a dark bag over it to keep out the light.


Your goal is cool but not frozen, so shoot for somewhere between 32°F and 68°F (0-20°C). Keep it away from appliances or electronics that produce heat, and don’t store your weed in the refrigerator. The temperature in your fridge fluctuates, and it’s best to keep your marijuana at a consistent level.

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Storage Options

Plastic Bags

These are a last-resort option. The plastic does little to protect your marijuana against heat, cold, light, and air. We recommend finding a better choice.

Vacuum Sealing

The jury is still out on vacuum sealing. Some say the process protects your bud from humidity, while others contend that the close contact with plastic will degrade your marijuana.

Airtight Containers

A mason jar or similar container can be the right choice if you make sure it’s thoroughly dried before use and you keep your weed out of the sun. While glass is good, titanium is better. The material locks out air, preventing your flower from drying out or absorbing unwanted moisture.

Medicine Bottles

A medicine bottle is designed to keep medication secure and dry, so it can easily be repurposed into a handy and useful container to store your bud.


Specifically designed to store weed, a marijuana humidor keeps your flower at the ideal temperature and humidity. However, beware of tobacco humidors. They can be made with cedar, which may produce oils that leach into your pot. Tobacco humidors may also oversaturate marijuana.

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