How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?


If you work for a company that requires drug tests, you might wonder how long it takes for weed to become undetectable. The answer is complicated. The length of time weed stays in your system varies depending on many factors, including:

Different tests detect weed in your system at different rates. You need to consider the type of drug test along with your frequency of weed use to calculate a detection time frame.

Blood Test:

Saliva Test:

Urine Test:

Hair Test:


The type of weed and how you ingest it is another factor in the length of detection. Edibles and oils will stay in your system longer than flower that you smoke or vape. Hash and other concentrates have very high THC levels and will remain in your system longer than different types of cannabis.

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How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects?

How quickly you feel the effects of THC and experience a high will depend on the method you use to get stoned as well as the product's potency.

How Long Until it Wears Off?

Once again, the answer to how long a high will last depends on THC potency, dosage, and the method you used to consume the cannabis.

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