Hashish 101: Beginner's Guide to Buying and Smoking Hash

Hash is a form of concentrated marijuana that separates the marijuana trichomes from the plant. It's extremely potent because of the trichomes which contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes; these are also what gives the cannabis plant its scent and flavor.

Hash is beneficial for both recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers. If you’re new to the world of hash then read this beginner's guide to smoking hash to get a better handle on things.

What Is Hash?

As stated previously, hash is a form of marijuana concentrate that separates the trichomes from the rest of the plant. There's a higher concentration of cannabinoids, making hash more potent than marijuana flower. It is specifically made from the female marijuana plants. The female marijuana plants have the highest concentration of resin glands, which is where you find the trichomes. These resin glands primarily form on top of the plant and on the sugar leaves that grow out a bud.

Brief History of Hash

Hash was originally developed in India but is now available worldwide. The name "hash" is a shortened word for "hashish." "Hashish" means "grass" in Arabic.

In the early days, Hash was derived mostly from indica strains because they are the primary marijuana strains found in India. Before it was introduced to the rest of the world, hash wasn't used to "get high"  but was incorporated into medicinal and religious practices. Hashish began its worldwide spread in the 10th century, when Indian traders introduced hash to the Arabian peninsula. From here, the Europeans got introduced to hash in the 18th century.

Indians weren't the kings of hash forever. In the 20th century, Morocco became the hash capital of the world. Moroccan hash is renowned for its quality to this day. Afghanistan is also a major producer of hash. Today, with marijuana legalization increasing, countries such as Canada and the United States are becoming better known for their hash production.

Different Types of Hash

Before you buy hash, you should know the different types. Here are some of the most common types you'll find at dispensaries.

Bubble Hash: Bubble hash is the most popular type of hash in the world. Bubble hash has some of the highest concentrations of THC -between 50% and 80%!

Afghani Royal: This is the other most popular type of hash. Today, Afghanistan is one of the biggest hash producers. Afghani Royal is typically made from indica strains. The cannabis buds are placed in water or tea to separate the trichomes. From here, the trichomes are pressed into bricks.

Moroccan Slate Hash: Even though Moroccan Slate Hash is known for its quality, it's the less potent compared to the other forms of hash. But Moroccan Slate Hash is extremely pleasurable; the flavor is very mellow and the hash is easy to manipulate and smoke.

Lebanese Hash: Lebanese hash has a different production process than other types of hash. The plant is left out longer, causing the plant to become very dry. This is done to easily collect the resin. After the resin, or kief, settles, it's pressed into a slab or brick.

Charas Hash: Charas Hash is an ancient form of hash and is the closest you'll get to smoking authentic hash from ancient India. Charas Hash is made by hand which is why it's relatively rare. It looks like a dark brown ball.

Super Nepalese Hash: Super Nepalese Hash is similar to Charas Hash, except it originates in Nepal. Unlike Charas Hash, which is hard, Super Nepalese Hash is soft and gooey. This makes it easier to manipulate and smoke it. Indica strains are most commonly used for this type of hash. This type of hash is also handmade, making it very rare.

What Smoking Hash Feels Like

Hash is more potent than marijuana flower, so you'll experience a powerful high. But the effects you experience largely depend on whether it's a sativa or an indica strain. Sativa-dominant hash will cause a more energetic high while indica-dominant hash will cause a more relaxed high, but it's still described as being more of a clear-headed high rather than a sleepy, couch-locking trip.

Many marijuana consumers prefer hash over other forms of marijuana consumption. Since you're consuming pure cannabinoids, the effects are powerful with minimal chances of feeling groggy or spaced out. Like smoking marijuana flower, the effects of the hash are felt quickly. But hash catches up to you quicker. You'll truly feel the effects of hash between 10 and 30 minutes after smoking it. Expect a hash high to last between 2-3 hours.

Popular Methods of Smoking Hash

Smoking hash is by far the most popular way of hash consumption, but just like with the marijuana flower, there are many ways to smoke hash.  Depending on the consistency and quality of the has different methods such as hot knifes, spliffs, bongs, and vapes can be used to get the best experience.

Hot Knifing: The hot knives method is the oldest in the book but still a popular one. Heat two butter knives on the shove. Once they're hot, press them both on the hash brick. Take a straw over the smoke and inhale.

Joint/ Spliff: If you’re going to smoke the has in a joint or a spliff (yes, there’s a difference between the two) then take a small piece of hash, use a lighter flame to warm it, and then sprinkle the soften hashish in with your weed or tobacco to get a good mix that will burn longer and slower so you can get the maximum benefits.

Glass: For the glass method, you'll need a softer brick of hash, a cigarette, a straw, a water glass, and a hash "worm." Take scissors and pierce a tiny hole through the center of the cigarette. Place the hash worm in the hole. The larger part should stick out. Place the cigarette inside the water glass. You may need to cut the cigarette so it can fit. Light the hash and turn the glass upside down. The glass will fill with smoke. Lift one corner of the glass slightly. Stick the straw in the glass and inhale.

Vaping: Vapes have hit the cannabis and hash markets in a big way are extremely effective at burning hash. You can vape harder materials, such as a large hash brick. Vaporizers produce a larger amount of heat than an open flame, able to melt even the hardest hash brick. Cut a piece of the hash brick off, place it in the coils, turn on the vaporizer, and vape away.

Smoking Hash is as Awesome as Smoking MJ! 

There you have it, our version of a beginner’s guide to hashish. If you’re looking to buy hash and are based in Canada, then shop our hash selection and get it shipped to your door… luv to mom;-)